5 Reasons to Improve your Data Backup

Companies and organisations are constantly trying to get ahead of data security requirements, but it never seems to end. Just when they think they are fully secured, a new threat like the reason Ransomware emerges. Which is why data security and network security is never an end goal but a continuous process.

So what is the solution? First of all, we would need to understand the reasons to improve your Data Backup and Security system. Here are 5 of them:

Ransomware is a real threat – You may not have heard of any ransomware cases around you, but it is real and it cost a fortune to correct it. According to Osterman Research, about 50% of organization were hit by ransomware over a space of a year in US, UK, Canada and Germany. The average ransom that was demanded was $679. The icing on the cake, it is very likely that even after payment, your files will still not be released! So prevention is definitely a better route to take.

Your employees are using more devices to do their work – Having the freedom to choose to work from a mobile phone, home laptop and so on is definitely key to efficiency, but introduces many security gaps to your business data. Having an up-to-date data backup solution allows your company to maintain this efficiency and keep your data safe from hackers.

Internal IT team face resource challenges – As mobile technology gets ever more important, the rate at which data is processed and kept is also growing. Without updating your backup system, your company may not be able to handle such a workload.

You need to have full control of your data – Huge amount of data without visualisation is pointless. You want to be able to make sense of the data to decide on important business decisions. Make sure that your data backup solution allows you to do so.

SMBs require a budget friendly solution that scales – As your data grows, so should your resources that handles these data. Current data backup solutions are cloud-based, which allows the resource to scale together with the data

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