Google Adwords Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Information Oasis Systems uses automation and trend tracking to know what are the best keywords to bid for as well live update to the Cost-per-Click(CPC) to keep the CPC low. We also provide landing page development aimed at increasing conversion rate from an ad click. Everything you need for successful Adwords campaigns in one package!


Google Adwords represents one of the best ways for advertising your product and brand, and there are stats to show that, which are:

Google owns 71% of the search market share

Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users

And their reach is huge, with 5 million businesses advertising with Google Adwords.

The idea is simple, let Google Adwords know what search phrases you would like your ad to show and how much you would like to pay for your ad to appear. However, Google has made it a goal to make only relevant ads to appear by rewarding those with relevant content on their website, which they have done by introducing a Quality Score.

At Information Oasis Systems, we don’t just help you run a Google Adword Campaign, but we also make sure that you achieve high quality score so that you can pay less to achieve better ad position. Our services includes:

  1. Creating high quality ad that maximises user clicks
  2. Creating relevant landing page to achieve higher Quality Score
  3. Live updates to CPC by the minute to meet the current search trend
  4. ROI tracking so that you not only track clicks, but exactly understand whats the worth of the click

If you would like to start leveraging on Google Adwords to increase your sales and outreach using methods that are more efficient and low-cost, get in touch with us regarding our Google Adwords Services!

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