Office 365 Migration

Information System Oasis offer a comprehensive migration services to help company to transit from their existing email service to office 365 smoothly with minimal distruption to the end users. Our migration team have the experience to assist, train and guide you during and post migration.


Many of the companies have accelerated their performance by using Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 provide communications and collaboration suite that is compatible with the existing customer infrastructure and ease the setup on desktop and mobile devices.

Information Systems Oasis ‘s Office 365 migration service can assist company with minimal or no inhouse IT support to migrate their email to office 365 to improve communication with your customer, work productivity, etc. Our Team will migrate your On-Premise, Hosted and Cloud based legacy email environment -including Google IMAP Service, Lotus Notes, Exchange to Office 365.

With different business goals and infrastructure for each customer, migration to Office 365 would require different approach. To meet the particulars, need of the customer, we work on a standard approach.


During the Pre-Migration Phase, our team will work with the customer to have a better understanding of the business requirements, challenges being faced, and the outcome that they want to achieve. We will also carry out a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure to detect inconsistencies, flaws and fix them before the migration process start.

Migration to Office 365

Customer are able to choose the type of migration model that suit their need.

Cutover Migration – Moving all data, mailboxes and feature located in the cloud or on-premise email server to Office 365 at one go, such migration model suits for small user sized companies, start up or companies that does not have large content.

Staged Migration – Office 365 migration are split into several stages, and migration are done in batches. This model of the are suitable for large companies, companies with office in other countries.

Hybrid Migration – we will distribute the migrated data and services base on the customer requirements between the on-premise and cloud deployment and ensure it work in both environment. This model of migration is mainly for companies who are not ready to move to the cloud completely due to company internal policy and constraints and is suitable for both small or large company.

Post Migration training

We will provide training to customer on how to manage and use the office 365 efficiently on various devices. For office 365 administrator, we will also train them on the office 365 on administering the office 365 such as creation, deletion, reset password, etc and also the security of office 365 for their future needs.

Post Migration Support

After the migration to Office 365, we will also provide a complimentary 2-week support to the customer to ensure customer are able to adapt to the Office 365 environment. During the 2-week support, we will resolve backend migration issue for the customer, together with Microsoft support team if necessary.
Information Systems Oasis also provide office 365 1st level administration for customer who does not have IT support staff, contact us @ for more information.

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